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Our promise to you…

We pride ourselves in providing the highest level of care for all cremation families. All cremation services are provided on site by our highly trained and licensed staff. Utilizing our state of the art crematorium, we ensure the highest level of respect to the deceased throughout the cremation process in addition to personalized service choices and price options for all families. From the first call to the conclusion of the services you select, your loved one never leaves our care.

We offer many different cremation service options to our families. Whether you would like a complete funeral service with cremation to follow or a direct cremation before any services, we are able to assist you.

Although cremation dates back to ancient times, it has only recently become a more common choice for families throughout the United States. Realizing a need to further serve our families, we constructed a state of the art crematorium at our Berlin facility. Many people believe that choosing cremation means limiting your options when there are a variety of options available with cremation. Most families hold services, which help the bereaved cope with the loss of a loved one. Many people find that opting for cremation gives them the opportunity to create and personalize the various service options for a more meaningful experience. We can accommodate most combinations of services.

We offer:


If you decide to have your loved one cremated or if it was the request of the individual, viewing is still an option when choosing this service. Often, families choose to have visitation with or without a church service prior to being cremated. Depending on the circumstance, embalming may still be necessary when selecting this service.


A Memorial Service is a service without a visitation and the remains of your loved one are not present at the time of the service. At this service, you may choose to have the urn present. This ceremony can be held at the funeral home or a church.


A graveside service is celebrated after your loved one is cremated. Family and friends gather at the graveside where a brief ceremony is held to honor the memory of the deceased.


Direct Cremation is when cremation occurs shortly after death, without embalming. The cremated remains are placed in an urn or other container. No viewing or visitation is involved, however, families still have the option to hold a graveside or memorial service if the decide.


Burial is still an option if cremation is part of your funeral arrangements. Options are available. Ask your funeral arrangement specialist during conference.

The following are services we will assist you with:

  • The transfer of the deceased from the place of death to the funeral home
  • Professional care of the deceased, which may include, embalming, dressing, hairdressing, cosmetology, casketing, or refrigeration.
  • An arrangement conference with the family to plan specific details for the funeral
  • Locating the deceased's doctor to sign a death certificate; then filing this certificate with the State of New Hampshire Division of Vital Records (or applicable state/agency); obtaining the requested amount of certified death certificates for the family
  • Obtaining all necessary permits and authorizations, as required.
  • Preparing an obituary to be placed on our website, social media account(s) and any newspapers requested by the family
  • Contacting local cemeteries, as required
  • Providing a location for visitation and funeral ceremony
  • Receiving and placement of floral arrangements
  • Arranging for staff and automobiles as necessary.
  • Arranging for Cash Advances for cemetery expenses, clergy honorariums, music, etc.
  • Contacting Fraternal or Military organizations to take part in the ceremony
  • Arranging for a personalized remembrance package, consisting of a register book, memorial folders, acknowledgments
  • Assist with Social Security and Veteran benefits
  • Assist in the selection of an urn and urn vault
  • Filing of life insurance claims

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