Our Crematory
On Site Crematory, Berlin and Gorham, NH

We offer an on site crematory

In 2015 the Bryant family installed a state of the art crematory at the Berlin funeral home to further assist the families we serve. In honor of our amazing area, it is named Androscoggin Valley Crematory.

We have four certified crematory operators. Ed, Laurie, David and Kate all attended a crematory operator certification training and must continue to meet continuing education requirements to remain licensed. In order to protect the dignity of the deceased, they are the only four with access to the facility which remains secured at all times.

When the Bryant’s began to search for a cremation unit (or retort) provider, the decision was not easy. Ed and Laurie spent countless hours contacting fellow funeral service professionals to find out what they learned while installing and operating their crematories. Ultimately, Matthews Environmental Solutions was chosen as our provider. Matthews has a 60 year history serving all seven continents throughout the world and has been the trusted partner of many other funeral service providers in New England. Matthews monitors the cremation unit at all times. Should something not be working properly they immediately notify our staff as well as make adjustments from their operations center in Florida. Following a strict maintenance schedule, trained and certified technicians fly to Berlin to inspect our equipment at regular intervals and repair and replace parts as needed.

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